Red Carpet Reflection Makeup Artistry
Kelly Oswalt Makeup Artist

Why use Red Carpet Reflection for your Wedding or Special event?

Red Carpet Reflection uses makeup artists that have the artistic vision and the specific tools, supplies and skills to achieve photo ready results. Pictures and video last forever, and you will only get one chance to capture these important images. The memory of the beautiful bride on her wedding day will be in friends and relatives minds forever, not to mention the mirror she looks in before she goes down the aisle.

A Professional result demands professional talent.

Just like the images they see on TV and in magazines, it takes a “team of talent” to create that image. It doesn't just happen- it takes preparation and skill. In our image conscious world people see extreme beauty everyday and they have that same expectation of pictures and video on their special day. The brides demand for, “Red Carpet Ready” results, requires an approach that can deliver “better than real” images, and that means you need artistic assistance to achieve the result. 

  Red Carpet Reflection can highlight the beauty of your natural features. We offer pre-wedding consultations to work with you on a desired “look”, documenting products and techniques on a face chart so that it can be reproduced on the day of the wedding. This will help show the bride what is possible and help to capture their expectations of their wedding vision. Think of it as a relaxing experience in your home that will also make the perfect result possible.

  Reliably delivering the beauty of the bride is critical to her satisfaction and possibly the success of the whole day. Better makeup equals less photo retouching.

Your face is the canvas that will be the masterpiece.

Where? On-site. You don't have to go to a salon or a department store. Red Carpet Reflection can meet you at your home or wedding location. It is one less thing to worry about, and not having to run around trying to make it to appointments on the big day has to ease some of the stress involved.

Kelly Oswalt Is a makeup artist and licensed esthetician in and around Indianapolis Indiana

Kelly can create the perfect look for any purpose, including:

  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Artistic Makeup application
  • Makeup For Weddings
  • Makeup for Photography
  • Proms
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