Red Carpet Reflection Makeup Artistry
About the Artist

Kelly Oswalt is a Renaissance woman.  Her emphasis on finding the natural beauty in all things and remarkable aesthetic eye cover the complete spectrum She  has the talent for presenting a unique and favorable outcome for every client. 

Her degree in photography from Ball State University trained her to view her subject “through the lens.”  This talent allows her to apply her makeup artistry to the human canvas with the knowledge necessary to produce beautiful photographs. 

  Kelly has received many awards for her broad spectrum of work in fashion pictorials. Currently, her work can be seen in various local publications. 

During the last fifteen years, Kelly has continued to expand her base of expertise by working as a freelance makeup artist for many of the leaders in the cosmetics industry including: Perscriptives, Lancome, TrishMcEvoy, MAC, Laura Mercer, Bobbi Brown and Chanel. As a licensed esthetician, Kelly is also able to offer a wide range of spa services in addition to her role as makeup artist.   

Kelly offers the unique blend of knowledge, experience and talent that has prepared her to inspire a shared vision with you and the skills necessary to bring it to life.  Whether you are planning a walk down the aisle or the red carpet Kelly would love to share the experience with you by creating something memorable together.

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